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Do you have a manuscript you need to be formatted
for Kindle, Nook and Other e-Reader Formats?

With the emergence of electronic ebook readers, such as the Kindle and the Nook, there are now (what seems to be) many new ebook formats. Most of them, though, are not really new formats - they are old formats (predominantly HTML) with new extensions.

Yes, the same language that web pages are written in (your expensive reader is, in fact, just a web browser.) But HTML is still HTML, no matter how you dress it up. And, that's where the problems come in. HTML for ebooks cannot be "designed." And, e-readers, unfortunately, are even more restrictive than webpage html.

For all intents and purposes, there is little design, not even a choice of fonts, and there is no control over much of anything else. It uses about as naked a file as is possible to produce. You cannot even add extra line space without possibly screwing up the final conversion process. Many of the things you might want to do to it could be completely ignored in conversion. Also, some existing formatting will most likely be lost - bulleted sections, for example, may lose their formatting. Sometimes these can be adapted by numbering or lettering them as opposed to bullets, or hand-coded... So, for Kindle, Nook and the other e-readers, the ebook cannot be designed as a pdf file can be, but can only be put into a format that can be read by the e-reader hardware.

Here's what will happen - I'll take your manuscript and convert it to either text or a .doc file. Then I'll strip it down even further to its bare bones. I'll standardize the font and the size, and then go back through and add images, bold, italic, headings, and whatever formatting I can get away with (which isn't much!)

Keep in mind that each ereader is different - and what may work in some, will not work in all. Some formats will use .ePub, some .mobi, others a very strict, limited form of .html - you'll receive each of those formats. How the ebook is displayed will vary by size, color, etc. For example: the basic Kindle does not display color, but if you view the Kindle ebook on Amazon's version of Kindle for PC's, it *will* show color. E-Pubs will generally show color. Html may show color depending on the e-reader's ability to display it. There really are no standards at this time in e-readers. I do the best I can to spec the formats to each file type's display abilities, but sometimes this means I have to work with the lowest common denominator. (Then, too, there are the ongoing formatting changes that are being made by each of the e-reader's manufacturers to keep up with!)

It is probably not something you want to tackle on your own. But, I can help.

I format e-reader ebooks, as well as pdf ebooks, and do covers for both!

While the process is slightly different from the process to create PDF ebooks, the time involved is basically the same, and consequently my pricing is the same as for doing PDF ebooks. Instead of design samples, though, you will receive the final formatted ebook ready to be submitted to Amazon, etc. You will receive the ebook in several formats - one suitable for the Amazon Kindle, and an e-pub format suitable for other e-readers, along with an html version, if you need one.

Pricing and Ordering

Don't miss out on this - you'll never find a better deal!

To take advantage of this offer use the buttons below.
Ebook formatting prices are based on the number of pages in your Word doc file, or manuscript - not on the number of pages in the finished ebook.

Kindle, Nook and other E-Reader Ebook Formatting

includes preparation of your manuscript for conversion to a machine-readable ebook format

Mini-ebooks and Reports!
Less than 20 pages
20 - 50 pages 50 - 200 pages Over 200 pages
Ebook Formatting
Ebook Formatting plus Covers

If you just need a cover,
please use the button below to order

Cover Only

Please use the link below to send me any questions you might have
and please specify what type of ebook (Kindle, Nook, etc,)

Contact Me

PDF Ebook Design and Creation

In most instances, I prefer to do pdf ebooks - which can be designed,and which look great when they are. PDF ebooks cannot be read in an electronic reader, but they can be read by any computer, with any operating system, and they will always look exactly as they have been designed.

If you are interested in having a pdf ebook created from your manuscript, keep reading.

OK - you've got your manuscript ready - now what?

This is where most writers get bogged down. They're not sure where to go from here. They know their manuscript needs to be formatted, and compiled into an ebook, but they don't know how. To be honest, most don't even know what "formatting" and "compiling" actually mean! So, they try to find out - they jump onto the net, go to Google, and start searching...

Does this sound like you?

I can solve that problem for you
with an ebook that looks terrific for as low as $79!

I can help you just like I helped the authors below.
Click on any of the images below to see how I solved their problems.

Chances are, without professional design help, you'll simply color a few lines of type, make your headlines bold, and use the default settings on your word processor.

And, while it may look like a printed page, it's really not what you had in mind.

You want your ebook to stand out.

You want it to look better than the rest out there.

You want an ebook that is professional.

You want your ebook to command the best possible price.

You want an ebook that you can be proud of.

But, even more importantly, you also ...

You want your ebook to get good reviews

You want to increase it's value

You want to reduce returns

Now, you know from the rest of my site, that I've written an ebook that will help you create a good-looking ebook. It's a good ebook - and it will help you. You also know that I've created a set of templates that will help, as well.

But maybe you don't have the time to do it yourself. Maybe you'd rather spend your time on promotion and marketing. Maybe you just don't want to do it yourself. Maybe you'd just rather let someone else take care of it.

I'm now offering information design services to authors and publishers. I use the term "information design" because the term encompasses a wide range of services - not just ebooks, but reports, help files, CD's, PowerPoint presentations, HTML, courses, software and many other kinds of distributable information. I design information - I put it in a form that's attractive, readable, professional, and appropriate.

Here's what I can do for you...

Proofreading and minor editing
I'll check your ebook for spelling and grammar errors. I'll also check it for organization and flow.

Select appropriate and pleasing typestyles
Choosing the right typestyle is much more than simply picking out one you like. I'll make sure the typestyle, size and linespacing are appropriate for your ebook, and a pleasant reading experience for your readers.

Create a unique page layout for your ebook
Each writer has a style, and each book reflects the writer as well as the subject matter. I'll design a unique page style for you that enhances and personalizes your ebook.

Page-by-page formatting with headers, page numbers, etc.
Your ebook will have the formatted using Adobe PageMaker (or using a Word template) to assure the highest quality for type, layout and graphics.

Adjust paragraph styles for easier reading and absorption
An ebook needs to be in smaller "chunks" to make reading onscreen easier. I'll break up your long paragraphs into more readable sections as needed.

Add sub-heads where needed for clarity and flow
The proper use of sub-heads will help guide your reader and emphasize important points.

Adjust page size and orientation to suit your subject matter
8 1/2 by 11 is not the only size you can use. Many books benefit from using a smaller page size or horizontal pages rather than vertical.

Adjust your color schemes and color use
Are you using color that compliments your subject matter, or that clashes with it? Are you creating the response you want from your readers with your color choices?

Optimize and adjust graphics
Graphic formats vary in their treatment of photos and other graphics. I'll make sure your graphics are optimized for your ebook, and I'll crop and adjust photos for their best effect.

Add Table of contents, copyright pages, dedications, acknowledgements, etc.
I believe ebooks should be the equal of print books. I'll make sure your ebook has an overall "look" comparable to a print book.

Make sure all your links are formatted correctly and work properly
All links are double-checked to make sure they take the reader where you want them to go.

Compile your ebook in PDF format for distribution.
PDF is the highest quality format to use for ebooks. It also allows your ebook to be read by Mac users and increases your audience.

Additional Services you may be interested in...

Complete eBook Design Package...
You will get not only my ebook design and pdf compilation, but you'll also get a custom-designed 3D website cover to use on your website! Great value - and great quality! Here are a few sample covers...

Covers (for ebooks and software)... Yes, I do cover design even if I don't design the inside of your ebook! You'll get several ready-to-go covers - each in 2 different sizes. To order, see below in the ordering section...

Many people have reports they need to have formatted, but they are afraid of what it might cost. Reports are handled the same as ebooks and pricing is based on size. Contact Me with information on your report for a firm price.

Manuals are basically ebooks with a slightly different format. Pricing on manuals is the same as ebooks.

Web Pages...
Yes, I also do web pages and web sites. These are very individual and can be priced by page or project. Contact Me with a description of what you need done.

Other Stuff...
As you can see from the samples (Click here for more samples) I can do CD labels and inserts, and prepare art for printing. I can also create Camtasia clips for demos, Powerpoint presentations, and...well, it would be simpler to say that if it needs to be designed, I can do it. Just Contact Me with a description of what you need done.

The best thing is - all my prices are just as reasonable as my ebook design prices!

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. How do I send you my manuscript?
After placing your order, just send it to me as an attachment to an email. If you need help with this, let me know and I'll help you do it.

2. What format should I send it in?
Any text or word processing format is fine. Word documents work the best. The less formatting you do to the actual manuscript, the better!!! Don't try to design it yourself in your word processing program. Don't add columns, or text boxes, and if there are illustrations, you can either mark where they are to be inserted and send them separately, or put them directly into the manuscript. In general, if you embed the images in your doc file, you may end up with a file that is several hundred megabytes in size. This is because even though Word will allow you to resize an image in place, it stores the image in the file at full size, and digital pictures can be very large! It's safest to just send me the iamges separately. The point is, since I will be designing your ebook - every page - the less I have to *undo*, the better. The less formatting you do, the better the end result will be, and the faster I can get it back to you.

It's best to start with a clean slate. Of course, I want to know where your paragraphs are, and where your chapters start and stop, but keep all other formatting to a minimum. (These are not "rules" - they are just my preferences. Bottom line is - I can work with just about anything that you submit!)

3. How long does it take?
That depends a great deal on how I receive the manuscript, how much work has to be done on it, and my current workload. It also depends on how quickly you approve the design, what changes you make, and check the final ebook. An average time, start to finish, would be about 7-10 days from the time I receive the manuscript. BUT - this is NOT carved in stone - there can also be many outside events, workload snafus, and other things that can affect turnaround time.

4. Do you give discounts to publishers?
Yes! Publishers (or anyone doing more than a single ebook) will get a discount based on quantity. Contact Me for more info!

5. Do I get to see the design you plan to use?
You not only get to "see" it, you get to "choose" it. A day or two after I receive your manuscript, I'll send you anywhere from 2-5 small pdf files. Each of these will be suggested designs using a few pages from your ebook. You select the design you like best from the suggestions. You can also make color or typestyle changes, if you like. The entire process is customized to your ebook.

6. What about changes?
There are 2 types of "changes" - corrections and customer alterations. They are 2 very different things.

(1) When we speak in terms of "corrections", these are errors that *I* have created in your manuscript. This could include misspellings, grammar errors, etc. that I have caused. For example - I add a new chapter title and misspell it. That is a correction - it is my responsibility, and you are not charged for it.

(2) When we speak of "customer alterations", we are talking about anything YOU change after I have received the manuscript. Let's say you find an incorrect link and want to change it. This is a customer alteration, not a correction. Customer alterations are choices you make to change something that has already been done. You can be charged for customer alterations. (Fixing errors that you make are not corrections, they are customer alterations.)

Consequently, it is very, very important that your manuscript be as complete as possible before sending it to me. Don't wait to "see what it looks like" to edit it - that is liable to cost you extra money in customer alterations.

I generally allow a good measure of customer alterations without charging for them, but if it becomes excessive I reserve the right to charge for the extra work involved.

7. Do I get the designed Word document?
Yes, you can choose to get the designed Word document returned to you. You can then make any changes you like to the base document, yet still retain the design. Then you just compile it - if you have Word 2010 or Word 2007 you can compile it by just saving it as a pdf - and you have a new, updated pdf ebook.

Give me your manuscript, and I'll give you back a professionally designed and compiled ebook to be proud of - ready to go!

Does all that sound expensive? Well, it usually is - a graphic designer would charge $50 per hour (or more!) just to do the design! And, that doesn't include doing the actual work of formatting, layout, and compiling! Editors charge about the same for proofreading and editing. Right now I'm offering a very special deal... at a fraction of what you'd pay for these services individually. I'll design and create an ebook - for as low as $79! Some of you have spent that much just on your ebook cover! Doesn't the inside of your ebook deserve as much care as the outside?

P.S. - Don't let my low price fool you! Your ebook will get the best quality design and compilation. Feel free to contact me and ask for a list of references if you're still skeptical. Believe me, you can't afford NOT to get your ebook designed at this price and quality!

Pricing and Ordering

Don't miss out on this - you'll never find a better deal!

To take advantage of this offer use the buttons below.
Ebook design prices are based on the number of pages in your Word doc file, or manuscript - not on the number of pages in the finished ebook.

PDF eBook and Report Design

includes page design, creation of Table of Contents, bookmarks, and compilation as a PDF ebook.

Mini-ebooks and Reports!
Less than 20 pages
20 - 50 pages 50 - 200 pages Over 200 pages
Ebook Design
with Word Doc return

eBook and Report Design plus 3D Website Cover
includes page design, creation of Table of Contents, bookmarks, compilation as a PDF ebook, and the design and creation of a 3D cover for your website

Mini-ebooks and Reports!
Less than 20 pages
20 - 50 pages 50 - 200 pages Over 200 pages
Ebook Design plus 3D Website Cover
with Word Doc return

If you just need a 3D website cover, or if you just want your ebook compiled (as a PDF file),
please use the buttons below to order

Cover Only
Compile Only

Please use the link below to send me any questions you might have..

Contact Me

Want to write an ebook, but don't know how to get started?
I've got the answer for you! The full version of "How to design and create..." is now available.
Lots of good stuff in it - go by and take a look!

You can also download a FREE demo of my ebook (zipped PDF file)
This ebook is in PDF format - if you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can get it here.