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These templates work in Word 2003, Word 2007, Word for Macs, and OpenOffice!

Would you like your ebook's interior to look like a pro designed it?

There are 20 Templates in this package
and a customization guide that will allow you to create as many more as you like!!

Chances are you've already searched the web looking for Word templates to help you create ebooks. You may have found a few sites that had ebook templates, but they were for HTML ebooks, not Word or PDF. You may have also run across a couple of sites that had Word templates for formatting manuscripts, and a few selling Word templates - for everything except ebooks. But that's about it - until now.

I have created a series of ebook templates that will dramatically change the look of your ebook, and I've made it as easy to do as opening a file.

With my templates you simply create your ebook in Word and then send it to a pdf compiler to create your PDF file. If you have Word 2007, you have a compiler built-in, but if you don't have that, don't sweat it - you have a couple of other choices - (1) try easypdf is a very good, reasonably priced compiler, and (2) Nitropdf is another good one. Plus, there are lots of people on the web who will compile it into a pdf file for you for about $20.

Now, before you run off and grab just any pdf compiler, there is one major "gotcha" to keep in mind. Yes, there are free and very low cost pdf compilers available - but 99.9% of the free ones will not create active web links. Active web links are an absolute MUST! The above listed compilers have trial periods, and do create active links. Try them.

The process of creating an ebook is really simple, but is it easy? Only if you know the secrets that aren't in the Word help files! The customization guide that comes with the package will tell you those secrets, plus give you plenty of hints and tips on creating your own custom templates.

Even I am amazed at the quality ebooks these templates create! When I started this project, I wasn't even sure it would work. How could I possibly translate any of my designs into a template for Word, of all things? I design using PageMaker - how could I do the same thing in Word? Well, it did work - and now I'm offering the templates to you. The package includes...

20 ready-to-use Word templates
Good design isn't complex - it's deceptively simple. The templates (which you can see below) are designed to enhance your ebook - not overwhelm it!

Fast and easy to use
You can use the templates "out of the box" - just open one up and start typing your ebook!

All templates are completely customizable!
Virtually everything on these templates can be changed. Don't like the color? Change it! Want wider margins? Change them! It's up to you. These templates are not locked or restricted in any way.

A New Toolbar
If you are using Word 2003, each template contains a toolbar which rests along the left edge of your screen containing the commands you'll most often use in customizing.

Send your files to your compiler for pdf creation
Creating your PDF file is easy - just click a button to send the files to your compiler. You can also simply send your Word file to anyone who compiles pdf files.

Customization Guide
I've written a mini-ebook that gives you step-by-step instructions showing how to customize these designs and create your own.

Not just for ebooks!
Remove the title bar and page number, and you can also use these templates for letters, reports, or anything else you use Word for.

Oh, I almost forgot! Here are some thumbnails of the templates... Click on them to enlarge them...(Note: the actual templates are not bordered - the borders are simply to distinguish the template from the background)


New! 2 Page Templates

In addition, I'm also including a copy of my latest ebook "The "but I'm not an artist" Guide to eBook Design." I got to thinking that some people might like some additional guidelines on design techniques and some ideas on layouts, fonts, and colors. This is a new version of my original "How to Design and create..." ebook. It contains the "meatiest" parts of the original ebook (Design, Layout, and Fonts) and has 2 new sections on Color and Graphics.

In this ebook, I'll show you...

  • how to select colors that go together
  • how to choose colors that affect your readers
  • how to choose the right typeface for your ebook
  • how to use a simple formula to select the type size
  • how to decide the right page size
  • how to make your ebook longer (or shorter)
  • and much more!
Like the original, this ebook is heavily illustrated with sample page layouts, graphics, illustrations of page headers and footers, and font samples. Everything in this ebook is focused on giving you good solid advice and ideas on improving the look of your ebook - no fluff, no filler.

You need this ebook if...

You want to be proud of the ebook you've created...

You want to get great comments from your readers...

You want people to admire what you've done...

You want your ebook to reflect your professionalism...

You want to increase your credibility...

You want to command the best price for your ebook...

You want to increase sales of your ebook...

You want to have control over your ebook's appearance...

You want professional guidance...

You want it to be fast, fun, and easy to learn...

Click on the pages below for full- size screenshots! (These are from the original ebook.)

This ebook sells seperately for $17.00, but you get it free with the templates. It's full of ideas you can use to create your own unique ebooks.

(Secret bonus - I'm also including a report on how to create an automatic Table of Contents!)

So, all together you'll get the 20 Word templates, the customization guide, "The "but I'm not an artist" Guide to eBook Design", and the special report on creating an automatic Table of Contents...

only $15!

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